Future Sweepstakes

John & Mary Killeacle Dowling Memorials A1 570

For 36 Current A1 Greyhounds over 570yds. Entry €30

Starts Friday March 27th


2020 Novice and Unraced Events

Next Novice 525 Stakes March 28th  (ON2) 525

Next Novice 325 (Coursing Bred) April 4th (ON1 325) Must be a recognised coursing bred sire

Next Novice 525 Stakes  April 18th (ON3 525)


 Upcoming 750 yds Races

Next Novice 750 Friday April 3rd 


2020 Lee Strand 550

This Sweepstake had been postponed to later date in accordance with the request of the sponsors owing to the COVID 19 restrictions