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5 Reasons To Go Greyhound Racing With The Whole Family This Summer

The perfect Summer Family Activity

As the school term comes to an end and the panic sets in as you try to come up with ways to keep the kids occupied, here are a few reasons why going Greyhound Racing should be at the top of your family activities list this summer.

1. It’s action packed

All parents will understand the struggle of trying to find an activity that maintains a child’s excitement for more than a couple of hours.

With greyhound racing, there’s no risk of the kids losing interest and uttering the infamous ‘I’m borrrrred’ line. Greyhound racing is a fun family activity from start to finish. The fact that there are races every fifteen minutes or so means that the kids always have something to do and get excited about.

2. Great locations

You can go greyhound racing all over Ireland. With stadiums across the country; including Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Newbridge, Mullingar, Tralee and Waterford, you’re never too far from some greyhound racing action.

Go Greyhound Racing in Ireland, locations across the country

3. It’s affordable

Finding a family activity that’s both fun AND affordable is a huge challenge for parents. Even a simple trip to the cinema can end up setting you back a fortune when the admission, food and drink is all accounted for.

Going greyhound racing is an excellent option in terms of affordability with kids packages from just €15 which includes admission to the racing, a programme and a special children’s meal with a starter, main course and dessert too.

There's also a special Summer Family Package, just €29.50 for a Family of 4.

4. It’s great for all ages

When you have children at a variety of age points it can be difficult to find an activity or day out that satisfies all needs and interests. With greyhound racing, you have a day out that children (and adults!) of all ages can enjoy. Younger children will love the excitement and thrill of cheering on ‘their dog’, whilst the older one will appreciate the sport and competition.

For a summer family activity suitable for all ages make it a Night at the Dogs with locations across Ireland including Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Mullingar, Newbridge, Tralee, Waterford and Youghal

5. It’s something different

Trips to the cinema – the most common family day out activity can get a little tedious after a while, especially in the summer when you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Going greyhound racing and having an evening at the dogs, is something totally different, especially if your children haven’t done anything like it before. It gives them something new to look forward to and perhaps even a new hobby to embrace.

If want a family day out that all of the kids will enjoy, Go Greyhound Racing! Visit our Prices & Deals page to check the latest offers