John A. Linehan
 Public / Private: Public
 Trainer / Agent: Trainer
 Last Recorded Race or Trial: 19-Apr-14 (Curraheen Park)
 Address: Co. Cork
 Recorded 2014 Race Entries: 106
 Recorded 2014 Winners: 26
 Recorded Race Entries : 4677
 Recorded Winners : 972
 Recorded Finishes :
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
972 862 774 744 699 626
  Showing dogs 1 to 15 of the 28 recently raced greyhounds currently trained by John A. Linehan

 Barneys Astra
 Broadstrand Blue
 Broadstrand Hawk
 Broadstrand Xola
 Droopys Adler
 Droopys Champ
 Droopys Dance
 Droopys Der
 Droopys Gerry
 Droopys Gretta
 Droopys Hilda
 Droopys Island
 Droopys Lexi
 Droopys Muriel
 Droopys Rafael