Mr. Denis Hannon
 Last Recorded Race or Trial: 13-Apr-14 (Mullingar)
 Address: Co. Westmeath
 Recorded 2014 Race Entries: 68
 Recorded 2014 Winners: 13
 Recorded Race Entries : 2678
 Recorded Winners : 619
 Recorded Finishes :
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
619 541 472 406 383 257

  Showing dogs 1 to 14 of the 14 recently raced greyhounds currently owned by Mr. Denis Hannon

 Springwell Bat
 Springwell Busty
 Springwell Dano
 Springwell Dotsy
 Springwell Eva
 Springwell Flyer
 Springwell Katie
 Springwell Milly
 Springwell Scene
 Springwell South
 Springwell Tic
 Springwell Tomo
 Springwell Watsy
 Springwell West

   Note: All data refers to the primary owner only.