Glenske Boo
Whelp Date: 15-Feb-08 
Previous Name:  
Owner(s): Mr. John Glennon 
Trainer: Owner 
Sire / Dam: Brookside Bear / Delayed Shock 
Color / Sex: bd / B 
Last Race Date: 07-Oct-09 
Last Race Seeding:  

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Total prize money of €0

Finish Distribution:
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0 0 0 1 0 0
Date Wt. Dist. Trap Sct. T. Sct. P. Place By Winner/Second Dogs Win Tm Going Remarks SP Track Est. Tm Seed Race Grade Runner Grade Video
04-Mar-10 57  300T Trap 3 - - 2 2L Glenske Monet 2D 17.43 -.10 Slow      KKY 17.47      S9  
03-Dec-09 57  525T Trap 3 - - 1 -   1D 30.58 Sand      KKY 30.58*      A9  
07-Oct-09 58  525R Trap 5 4.86 5544 4 6.5L/sh Ballyguider Bill 6D 29.88 Sand SlAw,RnOn  2/1 KKY 30.34  I A8/9 A8 Video available
10-Sep-09 60  525T Trap 3 - - 1 2L All About Smash 2D 30.48 Sand      KKY 30.48*      A8N